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Cooking Tips & Tricks

How to chop an onion without tears :
Soak peel the onion and cut them half and soak them in normal water for 15-20 minutes and then cut the onion as desired.

Or deep freeze the peeled onion for 10-15 minutes and then after washing cut them as desired.


  • After working with garlic rub your hands vigorously on your stainless steel sink for 30 seconds before washing with soap. It will remove the odor.
  • If you are cooking cauliflower, add a bit of milk to the water with salt to keep the cauliflower bright white.
  • To make softer chapattis, take flour in a bowl, add salt and little oil. Then add boiled water and mix slowly until soft dough is formed. Keep it aside for 15 minutes before making chapattis.
  • To make your Dosa crisper, add a little sugar to the Dosa batter.
  • To remove the sweetness from potatoes, add them to the salt water for half an hour.
  • To separate each grain of rice add a few drops of lemon and a tsp of oil to rice before boiling the rice.
  • To make homemade pastes of garlic, ginger or green chilly last longer and taste fresher add a tsp of hot oil along with salt to it.
  • While boiling milk to avoid it from sticking at the bottom, add a little water at the base of the vessel.
  • When cooking vegetable don’t add salt until the very end. Adding salt early can dehydrate vegetables and reduce their nutritional value.

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